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Luscious Recipes and Expert Know-How for Biscuits, Cakes, Sweet Treats and Desserts

This is cooking with chocolate for the home cook: luscious, decadent recipes that are both classic and contemporary...Kirsten Tibballs, dubbed 'Australia's queen of chocolate' by MasterChef Australia, runs a school for home cooks who aspire to master the delicate arts of chocolate and patisserie.

Her years of experience as a leading chocolatier and a teacher make her perfectly placed to bring together this stunning collection of recipes for all those with a sweet tooth and a desire to impress friends and family with thoroughly indulgent, chocolate-based creations.

Chocolate is always the hero ingredient and each recipe is graded for difficulty: easy, medium and tricky. Kirsten carefully maps each stage of the process with step-by-step instruction and accompanying photography so you feel as if you are being hand-held from start to finish.

From the ultimate recipe for brownies or chocolate chip cookies to coconut, raspberry and chocolate tarts, caramel chocolate mousse cake, chocolate creme brulee, milk chocolate honey truffles -- this is chocolate at its luscious, gorgeous best.

Over 70 Recipes

including individual chocolates, tarts, desserts, macarons, cakes, truffles, honeycomb and more

Easy-to-follow instructions

Let Kirsten's easy-to-read instructions guide you to to perform vital techniques such as dipping chocolate to glazing cakes.

From easy biscuits to elegant cakes

Whatever your ability, there is something in here for you to create.

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