Luscious Recipes and Expert Know-How for Biscuits, Cakes, Sweet Treats and Desserts

Chocolate to Savour

Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Over 70 Recipes

Whether you’re after a knockout chocolate mousse cake, sticky chocolate donut, or the best brownie you’ve ever tasted, this book has you covered

Easy-to-follow instructions

Detailed explanations of steps and techniques will instill confidence in the most kitchen-shy of chocolate lovers.

From easy biscuits to elegant cakes

Kirsten’s favourite chocolate recipes, all road tested at her cooking school, will have you melting that bowl of chocolate and lining a baking sheet!

Over 60 recipes

Designed for the professional chef, Chocolate to Savour brings the best of Kirsten to inspire creativity and broaden professional repertoires.

Step-by-step photos

Detailed photos and steps break down the most complex of recipes to allow for easy recreation.

Award winning

Kirsten created this book to share her passion for chocolate and patisserie with professionals who may not have the opportunity to train at Savour School.